With utmost consideration for the safety of Life and Property and the protection of Environment, the Company dedicates itself to meet the expectations of its customer and the aspiration of its stakeholders by ensuring that effective safety, Quality and Environmental Management systems are in place that comply with the relevant National and International codes, standard statutory and Regulatory requirement.

In line with our strategy to be a market leader, a preferred safe service provider and an organisation caring for the environment, we shall monitor and ensure the effectiveness and continual improvement of our systems, leading to excellence.

Integrated Management Policy

Understanding and meeting the requirements and needs of our customers and striving to exceed their expectations.

Building mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers, agents and company personnel.

Improving operational, technical and commercial performance of ships operated by us.

Complying with applicable Flag and Port state legislation and other requirement, as applicable in respect of environment and OH&S and those applicable to quality aspect of our service.

Continually enhancing the safety management skills of personnel ashore and on-board ships including preparing for emergencies related to safety, protection of environment and security.

Conserving all types of natural resources including energy.

Company commits itself to providing adequate resources and training to its personnel, whether shore-based or on board ships to meet the requirement of this policy. It ensures that all personnel understand the policy and urges them to do everything possible to implement the same at all times.

Goals and Principles

Our utmost priority is to ensure safety in the operations of the company.

Safety: Our utmost priority is to ensure safety in the operations of the company. We manage the vessel in a highly supervised environment so as to ensure that there shall be no injuries, loss of life, and damage to property or the environment.

Customer satisfaction: To meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Employee satisfaction: To be the employer of choice for highly competent seafarers and office staff.

Global Coverage: To provide excellent value-adding services all over the world for all our client’s need.

Our Principles:

To manage risk systematically

To continuously define, monitor and improve performance

To reward results

To meet our commitments

To encourage initiative and innovation

To promote teamwork and streamlined business processes

To take pride in cultural diversity and benefit from our global structure.

To provide a modern and stable working environment so that all our employees can contribute to the best of their abilities are socially responsible.

Who we are;

Glomares delivers great classification services, recognised technology leadership, and trusted technical advice for the marine offshore industries.


Our business has been built upon our core principle of putting our customer’s interest first.

To accomplish this, we foster a culture of BEST framework where our people are driven to perform and operate with the highest integrity and values.

The BEST framework includes

Building system efficiencies.

Experienced Resources

Standard international practices :